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What tree should I plant in my yard?...

April 8, 2012 10:00 am

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This past weekend I was in Santa Cruz California spending a few hours at the ocean before heading home after being in San Jose for a hockey game. Now most people would have been focused on the ocean, and the shops, however for myself, I was focus

ed on the trees. This happens to me no matter where I go, I just can’t stop looking at the trees, especially not the big ones right on the coast. As an arborist I am constantly evaluating trees, looking at their health, species, care, ect. In doing this there was something that really stuck out to me; there were no dead trees anywhere, and didn’t see one tree that was in a bad placement. Now I didn’t come anywhere close to walking around the whole town, but as a professional who deals with these two problems on a day-to-day basis, I found this to be very odd.

I have though alot about this today, and I can attribute the lack of dead trees to the fact that the environment we were in is about the best it can be for trees, being that they get lots of water and nutrients and there is usually lots of space for them to grow; but that lack of trees in bad places blew my mind. Here in Reno, trees in the wrong place are all over the place. When the housing boom was going off trees were getting put in the worst places they could just because they wanted to add value to the houses and no one contacted an arborist about what to place where.

When considering what tree to place where, the best thing you can do is contact a certified arborist and have them come out and take a look at the spot your trying to plant a tree in. They can help

you to get the best tree for the job; something that will last a long time without causing problems. However, here are a few things too keep in mind for yourself when selecting a tree.

The first thing you want to consider is what your space limitations are. As you might imagine, you aren’t going to plant the same tree in every spot, and there are options of all size trees out there. Next you want to consider your climate and soil type. A tree that does well in the wet, rich soil of the Pacific Northwest isn’t going to do well in the dry sandy/clay soil that we have here in Northern Nevada, especially

with howt dry our area can be (IE this year). And lastly keep in mind what kind of tree you want aesthetically. This one is all about personal preference. Do you like leaves? Maybe you would prefer needles? Do you like tall skinny trees, or more of a wide shorter tree?

No matter what you do, consider these few things then start looking at some trees. Once you have some tree ideas in mind, go ahead and contact a certified arborist. They may have some more ideas for you and will be able to tell you if the tree of your choice is right for the spot you picked. If your not sure why you need a certified arborist click the link below to look at my previous post.

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