Tree And Lawn Care For The Winter Months

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Are you familiar with your cities tree pruning specifications?
Properly maintained trees and shrubs are a vital part of the beauty and livability of your town. However, when overgrown, they can become a hazard for pedestrians and motorists. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their landscaping, learn more about your cities pruning specifications in the links below.

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It might seem counterintuitive but pruning trees in the fall is a great way to literally “take a load off” of the tree. Fall is the perfect time to prune trees for several reasons:

  • Trees are dormant in the fall and winter
  • It is easier to see the trees’ structure when its leaves have dropped
  • Relieves cumbersome weight
  • Encourages healthy growth

Remember professional pruning is a must. When homeowners decide to prune their own trees without the help of an expert, they increase their risk of injury to themselves or the tree.

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Fall fertilizing gives your grass and trees a head starts for next spring and makes it easier to ‘green up’ as the fertilizer allows the grass and trees to have a consistent flow of nitrogen that’s slowly released throughout the winter.

Learn More About Fertilizing

Crane flies are a common sight during the summer. You see them bouncing around walls and ceilings in your home. Also known as “mosquito hawks” and “skeeter eaters,”’ crane flies do not actually eat mosquitos. However, they cause havoc on our lawns by eating the grass roots and spreading unattractive bare spots.

Prevent crane fly damage months before it shows up with our pest management services.

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Tylor and his crew were fantastic – easy to work with, responsive, and highly communicative. They made good suggestions and kept me informed every step of the way.
I highly recommend them for any and all tree-related needs.

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