Tree Services in Sandpoint

Our ISA-certified arborists are committed to ensuring your trees and landscaping remain in peak condition all year round. With our extensive tree services in Sandpoint and Kootenai County for residential, commercial, municipal, and utility clients, you can rest assured your trees and plants are in the best of hands.

For three generations, Associated Arborists has been delivering the highest quality tree care services to hundreds of satisfied customers. Our dedication to excellent work, our friendly and approachable crews, and attentive client service has earned us a distinguished reputation.

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Residential Tree Services in Sandpoint

Investing in arborist services is a great way to improve the financial value of your property, not to mention that your landscaping will be a gorgeous, delightful place to spend time in.

Our expert crew will perform meticulous pruning to not only enhance and preserve your views, but also improve the health of your trees and take out any potentially hazardous limbs. We’ll further enhance the vibrancy of your landscape with plant health care services and tackle any pest or weed problems that we encounter.

The rewards of regular tree and garden care are numerous: healthy soil and vegetation, reduced pests and threats, less upkeep, and enhanced protection against high winds, drought, and torrential rains. Over time, the benefits will increase, making your yard more beautiful and hassle-free.

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ISA-Certified Arborists in Sandpoint

Led by ISA-certified arborists, our crew in Sandpoint boasts expertise in all the latest tree care methods and techniques. We will customize our arborist services to your exact needs and circumstances.

We will assess the overall health and risk of your trees, create an all-encompassing care plan and then execute each step of the plan. This may entail targeted pruning and trimming, pesticide and herbicide treatment, stump grinding, thinning out brush, plant health practices and tree removal (where necessary).

Our utility, municipal, and commercial clients can count on us for specialized services. We provide project management and customer notification for utilities, as well as verification of removal approval. Municipalities and businesses can rely on us for long-term, ongoing maintenance and property enhancement plans.

Tree Removal

Don’t attempt to remove a tree on your own! The risks involved are greater than you may have expected, so it’s best left to the professionals. Arborists who know what they’re doing should work in concert and use the correct tools and equipment to safely perform tree removal.

With decades of experience in safely removing trees of any size, our team of professionals is ready to take on the job. Trust that when you hire us, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

“Super friendly, affordable, and did the job right! I’d definitely recommend them for tree and stump removal. They took care of the planting strip permit with the city and it was easy to trust them with every step of the process.”

Katrina Amsberry

Emergency Tree Services

If you need urgent tree services, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-866-863-8733. Our dedicated local crew is here for you 24/7 in Sandpoint, so let us lend you a helping hand.

Come snow, rain or high winds, we’ll be there ready and willing to help you in your time of need – whether it be cutting down and removing a fallen tree or large limbs, or any other hazardous tasks you may require – to get you back on your feet again.

Trimming and Pruning

Prior to commencing any pruning or trimming, we carefully assess the tree, seek your opinion, and devise a tree trimming scheme which takes into consideration your opinion, the consequences to plants under the tree, and any potential risks posed by a limb or branch.

Pruning a tree is a mix of art and science – requiring a keen eye for aesthetics combined with an understanding of tree health and growth patterns. When done skillfully, pruning can have a number of positive impacts – such as enhancing the tree’s wellbeing, providing support to other plants in the vicinity, eliminating potential safety issues, and making the landscape a more pleasant space to be in.

Stump Grinding

After you’ve finished cutting down a tree, there’s still the bothersome stump to take care of. Don’t leave it be – there are a plethora of reasons why it’s not beneficial to have a stump lingering in your yard.

First, a stump is an accident waiting to happen and makes mowing a headache. Second, it can serve as a haven for termites and other pests, allowing them to spread across your property.

Third, a decaying stump detracts from your property’s aesthetic, bringing down its value. Lastly, old stumps often attempt to regenerate by sending out lengthy branches each spring. To avoid having a new tree sprout, you’ll need to trim the regrowth regularly.


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Commercial Arborist Services

Our comprehensive arborists services create a beautiful landscape around offices, campuses, and facilities, ensuring that trees and landscaping stay vibrant, well-groomed, and problem-free all year round. The end result of our work speaks volumes: with a gorgeous landscape, your business will make a great impression on customers and employees alike.

Plant Health Care

We strive to bolster the health of the entire landscape, from the roots up. Healthy trees are aesthetically more pleasing and less prone to pest problems, and can better withstand drought or heavy rains. Plant care is a holistic approach, encompassing careful pruning, fertilization, and pest and weed management. You’ll reap the rewards as your outdoor space will be more inviting, and require less maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Pest Management Services

Taking preventive measures like plant health care is always a wise choice, however, if a pest infestation crops up, it’s essential to act quickly before the problem escalates. We’ve seen the destruction that an uncontrolled outbreak of insects or plant diseases can cause on a property’s landscaping – nipping it in the bud is always better than playing a waiting game and hoping the problem goes away.

Our team of licensed pesticide applicators are skilled in diagnosing and treating your landscape’s pest issues quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Weed Control

If you don’t take steps to stop invasive weeds soon, they will only become harder to contain. Not only will they steal away the essential nutrients, water, and sunlight that your desired plants need to thrive, but they will also make your backyard look unkempt. And, as an added bonus, unwelcome critters such as rodents and raccoons may also decide to make a home in your yard!

Our trained herbicide applicators work to manage and restrain weed growth, and will advise you on when and how often we should spray to get the weeds on your property under control. Our goal is to apply herbicides right before the weeds set seeds, which, consistently done, can drastically reduce the weed issue.

A Legacy of Tree Care: Three Decades of Superb Service

For three generations, Associated Arborists has earned the trust of hundreds of clients who have turned to us for tree care services. Whether homeowners, businesses, utilities, or municipal agencies, we carry an excellent reputation with our clients. Plus, we are fully bonded, insured, and ISA-certified, making us a great choice for any tree care project.

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