Tree Services in Hayden

For decades, our certified arborists have been providing exemplary tree care services to residential, commercial, municipal, and utility clients. Utilizing the most modern tools and techniques, our arborists can take on any tree care job – from pruning and trimming to removal, stump grinding, pest and weed control, holistic plant health care, and risk assessments.

Our top-notch, ISA-certified arborists offer quality tree care services that’ll keep your property looking stunning all year round. Rest assured that with our expertise and commitment to excellence, you are in capable hands.

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Residential Tree Services in Hayden

Let us help you transform your property’s landscaping into a vibrant sanctuary, where you can unwind and relax in peace. Our adept team will assist in making your vision come to life. We’ll talk with you to comprehend precisely what you’re aiming for with your property’s landscape, and then craft a plan of action.

Our experienced crew will prune vegetation, safely eliminate any dead or hazardous branches, and address any pest or weed issues, in order to make your trees and ornamental plants look their best. By taking the steps to improve your property’s outdoor ecosystem, you’ll not only be enhancing the beauty of your landscape, but you’ll also be adding value to your home.

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Tree Removal Services

Trust our experienced arborists to ensure a secure, efficient, and complication-free tree removal job. Our expert team is accustomed to working together seamlessly, after years of collaboration. We’ll take care not to harm any adjacent ornamentals and structures, and leave your property in pristine condition once we’re done.

Entrust us with the ongoing care of your trees and you’ll be delighted with the outcome, as your outdoor area thrives and comes alive with beauty, from its deepest roots to the to its highest branches.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Our pruning and trimming methods are designed to accomplish two goals: to enhance the beauty of your tree and its surroundings, and to promote its health and vitality. Through meticulous pruning, we will improve air flow, encourage the growth of fewer but more robust branches, and reduce the risk of any branch breakage.

Prior to pruning or trimming, we’ll be sure to evaluate the environment, gain your input, and formulate a tree trimming plan. This process entails figuring out which branches or limbs could potentially be hazardous in gusty winds, as well as evaluating the influence the trimming could have on your view and any vegetation beneath the tree.

“Taylor and his crew are super! They arrived on time and did the work exactly as stated in the work order. They cleaned up all the limb debris and left our property in as good condition, if not better, than before they removed our trees.”

Susan Brown

Stump Grinding

Beware the repercussions of leaving a tree stump on your property! Not only could it become a cozy abode for termites, noxious fungi and other pests, but these unwelcome guests can spread throughout your property. What’s more, an unattended stump can be a tripping hazard, especially with little ones running around.

Mowing around a stump can also be a tiresome chore, and weeds or unkempt grass around the perimeter only make the eyesore worse, thus impacting your property’s perceived value. What’s more, the stump might still be alive and try to sprout into a tree each spring, which translates to a never-ending demand for upkeep on your part.

Enlisting our team to handle your stump is the simple answer! We guarantee to complete the task within a few hours, and ensure minimal damage to your soil, grass or landscaping. Of course, we’ll make sure to clean up the area before leaving.

Wildfire Prevention

Ensure your home or business is safe from the threat of wildfire with our skilled arborist services. Let us design a unique wildfire prevention plan that takes your land, vegetation, and topography into consideration – providing you with the assurance that your property is as secure as possible.

By tidying up the grounds and removing any excess brush, dangling branches, and woody debris, we’ll help you significantly reduce your property’s wildfire risk. This will give firefighters a better chance of success, by providing them with defensible space and lessening the amount of potential fuel a fire could consume.

ISA-Certified Arborists

Our ISA-certified arborists have the expertise and the latest technology to provide you with a personalized tree service plan, ranging from removal to pruning, grinding, thinning and plant health care. We take on any job, big or small, and guarantee your satisfaction as our customer.

Whether utility, commercial or municipal, all manner of organizations can benefit from our tailored services. We offer a variety of services, including project management, customer notifications, verification of removal approval, as well as property improvement plans.


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Emergency Tree Services

In need of urgent tree care? Don’t hesitate – dial 1-866-863-8733 for expert tree services in Hayden. Our professionals are on call 24/7 regardless of the weather – be it high winds, snow, or heavy rainfall. Fear not, we’ll be there to handle any dropped trees or risky branches, getting you on the road to repairs and normalcy once again.

Commercial Arborist Services

We specialize in crafting and maintaining a beautiful outdoor atmosphere around your business, year-round. Our professional arborists go the extra mile to make sure the trees and plants around your commercial space stay in peak condition, creating a pleasing view for customers and staff. We are passionate about crafting an idyllic outdoor area that you can enjoy all year long.

Plant Health Care

Our plant health care services are a way to prioritize the health and vibrancy of your landscape ecosystem. Our team of plant experts have many years of plant knowledge that they use to nurture and protect your plants, ensuring that they will thrive and blossom.

To ensure your landscape remains looking its best, our plant health care services include pruning, fertilization, pest and weed control, and trunk injections as necessary.

Make your outdoor space a picture of beauty with lush, vibrant trees and landscaping. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also provide defenses against unwelcome pests, pathogens, winter storms and heat or drought.

Pest Management Services

It is better to act quickly and nip any potential plant or insect diseases in the bud, rather than delay and let the problem get out of hand, risking catastrophic damage. Acting decisively is essential for protecting your landscape from pests and nurturing its health.

Trust our experienced and certified pesticide applicators to spot, treat, and eliminate troublesome pests, as a way to safeguard your garden from further harm. With our help, your trees, shrubs, and decorative plants will remain beautiful and preserve the splendor of your outdoor area.

Weed Control

Procrastinating on dealing with invasive weeds will only worsen the situation. These weeds not only rob essential nutrients, sunlight, and water from other plants, leaving them weakened and doomed, but they can also provide a haven for various bugs and critters in a garden that’s been overrun.

Our experienced weed control team will assess your weed issue and devise an individualized approach for how often and when to spray. By utilizing herbicides in a preemptive manner, we can prevent weed growth – with consistent maintenance, this tactic will drastically decrease weed numbers over the duration.

Rely on our Professional Team for Superior Tree Care Services

At Associated Arborists, we have a passion for offering the highest standard of arboriculture services to Hayden and Kootenai County. Our certified and insured professionals are constantly sharpening their skills, using the latest methods and techniques to deliver outstanding results with unwavering commitment and craftsmanship of the highest quality.

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