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Contact your local Associated Arborist for a complimentary consultation. We will address all of your concerns and propose a customized plan that will improve the functionality of the property and preserve the valued trees on the property. Our goal is to treat your property like it was our own with the help of ISA Certified Athorists.

Customer Feedback

“I just had the crew out to my property to limb up a bunch of fruit trees and some low-hanging maple branches this week. The property looks 100% better, and I regret not calling them years ago. The crew was also super nice and extremely accommodating. In addition, the cherry picker is amazing and has a reach that will take them almost to the top of the Douglas firs. Scary to watch, but satisfying to see the finished product.”

-Joe C. in Portland, Oregon

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The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Trimming helps keep trees and shrubs under control, protects against storm or fire damage, and provides aesthetic benefits, which have been found to increase property value. Trimming also supports the health of trees and plants below by increasing airflow, sunlight, and room to grow.

Additionally, pruning vegetation removes excess branches that can fall in winds or become fuel for wildfire. Likewise, tree trimming will protect your home, car, and outdoor structures from damage.

What Type of Tree Trimming Do You Need?

There are several categories of tree trimming work, depending on your goals, tree species, and property dynamics. Based on these factors, our ISA-certified arborists will create a plan of action.

However, if you’d like to learn more about the different kinds of trimming, here is an overview of each type:

Thinning the Trees Crown:

Our crews will selectively remove foliage to boost light penetration, increase airflow, and keep the tree’s natural form. Through crown thinning, we reduce the risk of limb and canopy failure by reducing wind and gravity loads. This trimming method also helps to mitigate many fungal and bacterial infections.

Cleaning the Crown:

We take out dead, diseased, and crossing branches to improve the tree’s structure, help heal wounds, and protect against insects or pathogens.

Raising the Tree Crown:

To increase vertical clearance and move the tree’s canopy higher, we raise its crown by pruning and thinning lower branches. Often, our clients opt for this method to meet city specifications for sidewalk and vehicle clearances. Otherwise, they select this service to enhance aesthetics or reduce conflicts with nearby properties.

Crown Reduction of Spread or Height:

Arborists reduce the height or spread of the canopy for several reasons, though often this trimming service pertains to risk mitigation. By pruning the height or extent of the canopy, we can reduce wind or gravity loads, thereby mitigating the threat of a falling tree. In other cases, our teams do crown reduction to keep the tree from interfering with views or conflicts with structures, etc.

Crown Restoration:

People often don’t care for or prune their trees properly, leading to poor structure, decay, disease, and decline. Crown restoration is a holistic method we use to restore the remaining canopy, improve tree health, and mitigate the risk of limb failures due to weakened or decayed portions of the canopy. Our focus here is on mitigating risk, preserving the tree, and improving the aesthetics and value of the tree.

Preservation Pruning:

We utilize this method for mature specimen trees, which require special care and should be handled by an ISA Certified Arborist – like those on each of our crews. The focus for preservation pruning is failure mitigation. Typically, this involves reducing the weight of overextended limbs and can include cabling or plant health care treatments. Decay is the main adversary, so our arborists will adjust pruning to avoid creating wounds close to the stem, which sped up decay. Retaining live material is critical since mature trees don’t respond well to removing much of their live tissue.

Fruit Tree Pruning:

When pruning fruit trees, our focus is on supporting the production and harvesting of fruit or shaping the tree into a desirable ornamental. When your goal is fruit production, we will take into consideration the tree’s growth habits, whether it be a stone or pome fruit. Additionally, we will opt for the appropriate season for pruning, which is typically late fall or winter. We will also aim to retain fruiting branches and achieve your desired canopy height.

Vista Pruning:

To enhance views from your home or to visually emphasize a particular object on your property, arborists will utilize vista pruning methods to thin vegetation or take out branches. As the owner, you will be in conversation with our arborist team, to ensure that our trimming plan matches your desired view.

To get a free quote on our tree trimming services for your property, contact our office.