Associated Arborists Tree Services in Tigard

Let our team of tree service professionals in Tigard ensure that your trees, shrubs and landscaping are healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

For more than three decades, Associated Arborists has provided regular tree care and landscape maintenance for our residential, commercial, municipal and utility customers. We’re proud to say our team of ISA-certified arborists carries a stellar reputation in Tigard and Washington County, Oregon.

No matter if you need a tree health assessment from an expert arborist, emergency tree removal, seasonal tree trimming or stump grinding in Tigard, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your free consultation today.

ISA-Certified Arborists

We employ experienced, ISA-certified arborists in Tigard to provide our customers with a wide range of tree care services. We’ll do tree health and risk assessments, create a comprehensive plan for your property’s landscape, and carry out all necessary actions. That might mean pruning and shaping limbs, removing an entire tree, stump grinding, pesticide or fertilizer application, and more.

Additionally, we can create a long-term tree maintenance and property improvement plan for commercial and municipal customers. For our utility clients, we offer project management as well as customer notification and removal approval verification.

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Residential Tree Services in Tigard

Regular tree and shrub care is essential to maintaining your property’s value, beauty and safety. Our arborists will keep your views open, prune your trees for aesthetic appeal and support your landscape’s overall health with plant health care practices, including fertilization and pesticide application. We’ll work to identify and treat problems before they cause harm as a fallen limb or tree during a storm. Over time, the benefits to your landscape will accumulate, creating a vibrant, open, hazard-free and attractive outdoor environment.

Tree Removal

Safe removal of dead, diseased or unwanted trees requires the knowledge of a certified tree specialist. Our professional crews have the experience, equipment and machinery to remove a tree safely, efficiently and without damaging your landscape or structures.

We work carefully and methodically as a coordinated team to do the job well. We’ll remove trees large or small, and do every aspect of the job. Even better, your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed.

“I am very impressed with the service all around. Everyone was polite, and my kids loved watching the tree cutting show. Great service!!! You won’t go wrong with this company.”

Emily Krump

Tree Trimming and Pruning

We recognize that tree pruning is both an art and a science, so we aim to cut limbs and branches for both aesthetics and plant health. We’re careful to consult with you to understand your needs and perspective, which we’ll incorporate into our tree trimming plan.

This plan will take into account any branches or limbs that pose a risk of falling, the long-term effect on your views and the surrounding landscape. All in all, our aim with pruning is to enhance aesthetics, protect you and your property from harm, and boost landscape health by increasing airflow, penetration of sunlight and plant growth in the understory.

Emergency Tree Services 24/7

We know how scary a fallen tree or even a large branch can be, particularly during a storm when the power might also be out. Don’t risk your safety by trying to take matters into your own hands – our crews are available to help 24/7 by reaching us at 1-866-863-8733. We’re local and will respond quickly to respond to an emergency, whether that means removing an entire tree or a fallen limb.

Stump Grinding in Tigard

Leftover stumps can cause various problems, like termite or other pest infestations, becoming a tripping hazard and impacting your property’s real estate value. Additionally, stumps may send out sprouts that grow rapidly every spring, requiring continual cutting to keep a new tree from growing there.

We employ the latest tools and technology to grind and remove unwanted stumps from your property, whether you’ve also hired us for tree service or not. We’re careful to not disturb your landscape while stump grinding, and the only sign of our work afterward will be a pile of wood chips.


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Plant Health Care

The health of your valuable plants is foremost in everything we do. We call upon our knowledge and training in feeding, maintaining and nurturing your plants as if they were our own.

Pest Management

Insects, fungi and bacteria can destroy a vulnerable landscape environment. Trust us to keep your trees and shrubs strong enough to fight back. Our trained specialists know how to identify, treat and eliminate pests to prevent further damage.

Weed Control

Our certified weed control specialists are fully licensed and insured to safely handle weed control, pest control and fertilizer applications in Oregon. We’ll consult with you before applying any chemicals, and only do so where it makes the most sense.

Commercial Arborist Services

We provide comprehensive tree care for commercial locations such as office buildings, production facilities and corporate campuses. We’ll keep your trees well-shaped, healthy, attractive and free of pests or hazards.

A Strong Reputation in Tree Care for Tigard and Beyond

Since 1996, our many satisfied customers have entrusted us with all aspects of tree-related care for their home, urban and commercial landscapes. We bring decades of experience, a team of ISA-certified arborists, and countless satisfied customers. Furthermore, we’re fully bonded and insured for all circumstances.

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