Tree Service in Carlton

Allow our ISA-certified arborists to ensure that your trees and landscaping remain in optimal condition all year round. We offer comprehensive tree services to homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and utilities in Carlton.

For three generations, Associated Arborists has been providing outstanding tree care services to hundreds of customers. Our company has earned us a well-deserved reputation for top-notch tree work, friendly and approachable crews, and being attentive to our clients’ needs and priorities.

From trimming and pruning to tree removal, stump grinding, pest/weed control and more, we offer an array of tree services. Whether you require emergency assistance in a storm, an arborist’s health or risk assessment, or a long-term plan for managing your trees, shrubs and landscaping, our team is glad to help.

Residential Tree Services in Carlton

Employing the aid of an arborist is beneficial for a couple reasons: First, an arborist will enhance the appearance of your trees and landscaping, making for a more enjoyable environment and boosting the value of your property. Second, your property will have fewer hazards or pests, and be a more pleasant sanctuary to spend time in.

Our experienced team will carefully prune to maximize your views and safeguard the health of your trees, while removing any potentially hazardous branches. Additionally, we will take measures to ensure the overall vitality of your landscape through proper plant care and treatments for pests or weeds.

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ISA-Certified Arborists

Our ISA-certified arborists serving Carlton have been trained and educated in all aspects of tree care, allowing us to offer a full package of arborist services. Whether it’s a health or risk assessment, complete tree care plan, tree removal, precision pruning and trimming, pesticide and fertilizer application, stump grinding, brush thinning or plant health care – we’ve got you covered!

We also provide tailored services to our utility, municipal and commercial clients. For utilities, we are ready to manage projects and conduct customer notifications and verification of removal approval. As for municipalities and businesses, we can create a sustained long-term maintenance and property improvement plan.

Commercial Arborist Services

We provide comprehensive arborist services for businesses of all types, with a focus on maintaining vibrant, well-groomed and problem-free trees and landscaping all year round. The end result of our work? A gorgeous landscape that gives your customers and employees on your commercial property a favorable impression of your organization.

“Incredibly prompt, efficient and quick! Tree fell into our yard, they had it cleared in hours and cleaned everything up beautifully, twigs and all. They even managed to save our precious weeping cherry tree that was damaged in the incident! If Associated Arborists services your area, look no further.”

Kody Pederson

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, the stump remains – and there are few reasons why you shouldn’t leave it on your property.

First off, that pesky stump is a tripping hazard and makes mowing a real headache. Second, it can serve as a home for termites and other pests that can spread to your landscaping plants and structures. Third, it can ding your property value as it is an eyesore. Finally, stumps often try to grow back into a tree by sending out long runners in the spring, requiring you to continually cut the runners back.

Let us apply our grinding machine to that ugly stump and remove any hassles it might cause from your life. In the end, all that’s left is wood chips ready to be put to good use as mulch.

Tree Removal in Carlton, Oregon

When you need tree removal, you’ll want to enlist the help of an arborist. The process is far more complex and hazardous than one might anticipate, thus the task should only be done by a team of professionals operating with the appropriate equipment and machinery.

Allow our experienced tree removal experts to take on the task of safely dismantling the tree in question, whether large or small. Have faith that you’ll be delighted with the results – in fact, we guarantee it.

Emergency Tree Services 24/7

Need help from a local crew for emergency tree services in Newberg? Call us at 1-866-863-8733 – we’re available 24/7 and work in all weather conditions. We’ll be there to clear your property of hazardous fallen trees or large branches, so you can feel safe and start the process of restoration in the days after.


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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Before starting any pruning or trimming, we take the time to carefully assess the tree, discuss our approach with you, and devise a customized tree trimming plan that considers your point of view, the effect on vegetation beneath the tree, and any possible risks associated with a limb or branch.

We strive to achieve harmony between safeguarding the well-being of the tree and neighboring flora, eliminating any potentially dangerous branches, and fashioning an aesthetically pleasing trunk, crown and branch shape for you to appreciate long after we leave.

Plant Health Care

We strive to enhance the vibrancy of the entire landscape, from the soil to the treetops. Beautiful, healthy trees are more appealing, less prone to pests, and are better able to withstand droughts and rough winter weather. Our plant health care is comprehensive, involving careful pruning, fertilizing, pest and weed control, and trunk injections when called for. Ultimately, you’ll experience the beauty and serenity of your outdoor environment with fewer issues and less maintenance required – it’s a win-win.

Pest Management

Though it is sensible to take preventive measures to protect your plants ahead of time, if pest issues arise it is imperative to take action as soon as possible. We’ve seen the devastation that unchecked insects or plant diseases can cause in a garden or canopy. Don’t let your once-beautiful garden or tree fall victim to pests – act quickly!

Our talented, licensed pesticide applicators are on hand and ready to accurately diagnose and effectively combat any pest problem in your landscape.

Weed Control

If you delay taking action against invasive weeds, they’ll only get harder to eliminate. Weeds sap vital nutrients, water, and sunlight from your favorite plants. An overgrown yard isn’t just unappealing, but can also provide shelter to rodents, raccoons, and other creatures you don’t want near your home. Act now to ensure the beauty and health of your backyard!

Our team of licensed herbicide applicators will monitor and control weed growth, based on an understanding of the best timing and frequency for weed control. We seek to apply herbicides at the ideal moment – just before the weeds have a chance to reach the seed stage – with consistent application leading to greatly diminished weed problems.

Our herbicide applicators have all been trained and licensed in Oregon and we are committed to only applying the precise amount of chemicals to get the job done. Furthermore, we’re always available to provide more information about the products we use.

Get Expert Tree Care From a Reliable Tree Service Provider with Over 25 Years of Experience

With three generations of experience in the tree care industry, Associated Arborists have earned a reputation as a trusted team for handling tree work for homeowners, businesses, utilities, and city governments in Carlton and Yamhill County. We are fully bonded, insured, and ISA-certified, and enjoy serving the communities that we call home.

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