Utility Line Clearance Services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana

Maintaining services Reliability and safety for over 35 years.

Associated Arborists has been conducting utility line clearance services since our founding in 1996. Our company specializes in distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance, and all our crew members are certified as line clearance arborists.  Safety, quality, and efficiency is our goal on every system we maintain. Our teams are dedicated to improving the reliability and safety of all of the systems we are contracted to maintain. We strive to reduce risk and improve customer relations with every property we service.

We’ve received outstanding reviews from our utility customers, and maintain good working relations over decades of collaboration.

Free Estimates For Utility Line Clearance Services

We will give a free estimate for your utility line clearance job. Furthermore, we guarantee prompt response times, competitive pricing, and satisfaction with our work. Contact our office to get started.

Specialty Utility Line Clearance Services

Right of Way Clearance:

Our experienced crews are available to carry out vegetation clearance work in accordance with the latest regulations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Custom Herbicide and Growth Regulator Application:

We do tailor-made herbicide solutions to keep the ground cleared of weeds and fast-growing shrubs near your power lines. Where necessary, we will apply growth regulator chemicals to slow the growth of nearby vegetation. This reduces how often arborists will need to clear power lines, allowing us to cover more area each year.

Mechanical Trimming:

Where trees are difficult to reach and to minimize risk, we utilize mechanical equipment to clear power lines of encroaching vegetation. While these cuts can be rougher compared with manual trimming, this approach is safer or mandatory in certain instances.

Permitting/Pre-Notification Services:

We are familiar with the permitting and pre-notification processes and requirements in OR, WA, ID, and MT. Thus, we make the workflow for utility line clearance projects easier.

Emergency Response:

Our teams are on-call for emergency services to handle fallen limbs or trees near power lines following a storm or high wind event.

Forestry Consulting:

We have ISA-certified arborists on staff to survey your power lines and assess nearby vegetation. From there, we’ll create a multi-year vegetation management plan that utilizes both tree trimming and chemical treatments.

Learn more about our arborist solutions for utility customers by reaching out to our office.