Tree Services in McMinnville, Oregon

Let our team of highly-rated and ISA-certified arborists provide comprehensive tree services to keep your property in top-notch shape all year round.

We have decades of experience in all aspects of tree care for homes, businesses, municipalities and utilities. Though our crews serve customers across four states in the Pacific Northwest, McMinnville is our home and we’re well-known in the community.

Our comprehensive services include just about anything you need to keep your landscape healthy, safe and pleasant to be in. Whether you need emergency services, tree removal, precision pruning and tree trimming, stump grinding, pest and weed management, plant healthcare, a tree health or risk assessment by an arborist or more, you can count on us.

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ISA-Certified Arborists in McMinnville

Our crews are led by ISA-certified arborists, and equipped with the latest tools and machinery for tree work of all sizes. Calling upon years of experience and training, our arborists can provide a full range of tree services to suit the unique needs of your landscape and property.

We’ll do tree health or risk assessments, develop a comprehensive tree care plan for your property (and handle all tasks in that plan). Whether you need trimming, pruning, tree removal, brush clearing, pesticide or fertilizer application, stump grinding or plant health care services, Associated Arborists is your company in McMinnville and Yamhill County.

For commercial and municipal customers, we can generate a continuing maintenance and property improvement plan. If you’re with a utility, we offer project management as well as customer notification and verification of removal approval.

Trusted Tree Service Experts Since 1996

Got a tree problem? No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered with all-inclusive tree services.

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Home Tree Services

Our arborists do more than prune your trees. We keep your property free of hazards and pests, while also making it an open and even beautiful place to relax in. All of which can enhance your property value. We achieve this by bringing a full suite of skills, tools, knowledge and experience to the task.

With consistent tree care from our team, the benefits to your outdoor property will accrue. The result is a vibrant landscape environment that supports itself from the soil to the branches and leaves of your tree overstory.

Tree Removal in McMinnville

Removing a tree is best done by a trained crew of arborists with all of the necessary knowledge and equipment. Attempting tree removal by yourself is not worth the risk of severe injury or damaging your property with a misplaced cut that sends a tree crashing down on a structure or vehicle.

Our teams do this all the time. We’ll work carefully and methodically to remove the tree in question, and make sure not to harm your landscaping or structures. On top of that, we guarantee your satisfaction with our handiwork.

“The crew completed the job skillfully, efficiently, and without damaging surrounding plants, finishing with cleanup in about 4 hours. I would definitely hire this crew again and will recommend them to my friends.”

Mary Schrock

24/7 Emergency Tree Services

Storms and high winds can turn our beloved trees into a hazard to people and property. We’re on call 24/7 to remove fallen trees or limbs in the event of an emergency. Don’t hesitate to reach us at: 1-866-863-8733. Our crews live in or near McMinnville, and can jump into action to provide emergency tree services like cutting down and taking out a fallen tree or limb.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Once a cut on a large limb is made, there’s no going back. That’s we take time to evaluate, get your input and create a tree trimming plan before we do any pruning or trimming. That plan includes an assessment of branches or limbs that might become a hazard in high winds, along with the change to your view and the effect on landscape plants growing below the tree.

We approach pruning and trimming as a blend of art and science, applying our knowledge of tree health and growth patterns in combination with an artist’s eye for beauty and elegance in plant form. Done well, pruning will enhance tree health, support other plants in the understory, remove potential hazards and make your landscape more enjoyable to spend time in.

Commercial Arborist Services

We offer complete arborist services to offices, large corporate campuses and production facilities. With our regular tree care, your trees and landscaping will be in top shape through all seasons. No pests or falling limbs, just clean and attractive plants that your customers and employees will appreciate.

Stump Grinding in McMinnville

After you take out a tree, you’ll want to deal with the stump too. A stump left to linger on your property can become a source of various problems, like being a tripping hazard, potential home for termites and negatively affecting your property value. In many cases, a stump is still alive and will send out long sprouts each spring as it tries to become a tree once more.

Removing a stump is actually done by grinding it down into wood chips. We achieve this with some heavy equipment, but also take care not to compact your soil or harm your landscaping plants in the process. We’re available for stump grinding in McMinnville whether or not you’ve also hired us for tree work.


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Total Plant Health Care

We emphasize the importance of plant vitality for good reason: a healthy plant (and surrounding landscape) will be less vulnerable to pests, drought, fire or high winds. Not only will you appreciate a thriving landscape more, but on a practical level you’ll also be safer and will avoid any costly disruption like fallen limbs or trees. We will improve soil fertility, increase airflow and sunlight penetration, while managing pests where they emerge.

Pest Management Services

Left unchecked, pests in the form of bugs, pathogens or fungi can wreak havoc on your cherished landscaping. While plant health is the best defense against pests, sometimes you need to turn to pesticides to treat a problem before it gets out of hand. We employ trained and licensed pesticide applicators who will identify the problem, determine the level of treatment necessary and eliminate the pests plaguing your plants.

Weed Control

Controlling weeds is essential to allowing your plants of choice to thrive. Otherwise, unwanted weeds will steal their water, nutrients and sunlight. We employ certified weed control specialists to mitigate and minimize unwanted plants or apply fertilizer where needed. We’ll be sure to check in with you about our plans before using herbicides, and are happy to answer any questions you might have about our products or processes involved.

A Legacy of Tree Care in McMinnville and Yamhill County

We’ve been in the arborist business since 1996, spanning three generations of ownership and hundreds of satisfied residential, commercial, utility and municipal customers. Additionally, we employ ISA-certified arborists, are fully bonded and insured for all circumstances that arise during tree work.

We enjoy serving our friends and neighbors in McMinnville and surrounding areas with all of their tree care needs throughout the year.

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