Tree Services in Harrison

Our ISA-certified arborists are dedicated to providing exemplary tree services to Harrison and nearby communities in Kootenai County. We’ll strive to ensure that your outdoor space remains in optimal condition all year round.

For three generations, Associated Arborists has proudly provided top-notch tree care services to hundreds of customers. Our experienced crews are renowned for their excellent workmanship, friendly and approachable attitudes and commitment to customer satisfaction.

We provide a diverse range of tree services, including trimming and pruning, tree removal, emergency services during storms, stump grinding, pest and weed control, an arborist’s tree health or risk assessment, and long-term plans for managing your trees, shrubs, and landscaping.

Whatever your tree care needs are, let us help keep your outdoor area healthy and looking its best. Connect with us now to book a free consultation!

Residential Tree Services in Harrison

Investing in an arborist is a great way to both increase your property’s financial value and to enhance the beauty of your landscaping. With our team on your side, we’ll also work to preserve and enhance your views, and draw out the beauty of your trees and landscaping.

We will also remove any potentially hazardous limbs or branches, in order to promote tree health. Moreover, our plant health care services will boost your landscape’s vitality, and we will address any pest or weed problems that come to light. The end result will be that your outdoor spaces are more inviting and enjoyable.

Over time, the boons from regular tree and landscape maintenance will accumulate, leading to well-nourished soil and vegetation with fewer pest infestations and potential risks, making upkeep simpler and developing greater resiliency to strong winds, dry spells and flooding.

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ISA-Certified Arborists in Harrison

Our crews are led by knowledgeable, ISA-certified arborists and equipped with the latest tools and machinery of our trade. Leveraging our collective experience and tools, we offer a tailored range of arborist services to fulfill any of your requirements.

We’ll assess your trees’ health, any potential risk factors, and its growth pattern. Then, we’ll develop a comprehensive care plan to achieve your goals and provide maximum benefit to your plants. With that plan, we might recommend certain types of pruning or trimming, specific plant health care practices, weed or pest management regimes, thinning of brush, fertilizer application, trunk injection or other actions.

Tree Removal

Tree removal, even for a small tree, is far more hazardous than many people anticipate, and so it’s best to leave it to the pros. Rather than attempting to remove a tree by yourself, enlist the help of our experienced arborists who have the right machinery and coordination to get the job done safely and effectively.

With years of experience, we are experts at removing trees of any size. Allow our professionals to take care of the job and rest assured that you will be fully satisfied with the results – that is our promise.

“They know their trees and vegetation well. We have had 2 large trees removed and wanted someone that wasn’t just a tree butcher. Fences and homes were not damaged during removals and other plants were protected. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise”

Debbie Newhouse

Emergency Tree Services

When it comes to emergency tree services in Harrison, you can count on us. Our local crew is available 24/7, rain or shine, to remove any hazardous fallen trees or limbs and get you back on track. Just give us a call at 1-866-863-8733 and we’ll take it from there!

Trimming and Pruning

Prior to pruning or trimming, we carefully assess the tree, gather your feedback, and devise a tree trimming strategy that includes your input, the impact to any plants located below the tree, and any potential dangers posed by a questionable branch or limb.

Pruning a tree is a delicate balance between art and science. Our knowledge of tree health and development patterns, paired with an eye for beauty, helps to determine the optimum pruning technique. Skillfully pruned, a tree’s health can be improved while also aiding the growth of other plants in its vicinity, averting potential risks from falling limbs and enhancing the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Stump Grinding

After the tree is gone, there remains the issue of the stump. It’s best not to leave the stump on your land for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, a stump can be a tripping hazard and make mowing your lawn a tiresome task. What’s more, it can even provide a home to termites and other unwanted pests which can then spread to the rest of your property.

Thirdly, an unsightly stump will detract from the value of your property. To top it off, these stumps often attempt to regenerate and grow again each spring, sending out new shoots. To prevent a new tree from establishing itself, it’ll be necessary to trim it back regularly.

Let our crew erase your property’s unwanted stump with our grinder, erasing all of the above issues before they cause harm. All that will remain are wood chips to use as mulch!


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Commercial Arborist Services

Our comprehensive arborists services will be sure to keep your business’ trees and landscaping looking vibrant, well-groomed and problem-free throughout the year. With stunning landscapes surrounding offices, campuses and facilities, customers and employees alike will enjoy the beauty of your commercial property and get an idea of what your business stands for.

Plant Health Care

Beautiful trees are more pleasing to the eye, less prone to pests and far more resilient to extreme weather. That’s why we work to bolster the vitality of all aspects of the landscape, from the roots to the leaves. Plant healthcare is a holistic approach encompassing a variety of practices, like fertilization, pest or weed management, precision pruning and trunk injections. You’ll feel the difference – your outdoor area will be a much more pleasant place to spend time in with fewer issues and requiring less maintenance, as your plants will be simply healthier, happier and tougher.

Pest Management Services

Proactive plant health care is the key to avoiding damage from bugs or pathogens, yet once a pest issue emerges, it’s essential to take immediate action in order to contain it before it can escalate. We’ve seen what havoc an unmitigated pest invasion can wreak upon a picturesque garden or tree – it’s much better to be proactive and act swiftly to contain the problem, than let pests run amok and devastate your cherished landscaping.

Fortunately, we have licensed pesticide applicators on our team, professionally trained to identify and eliminate any pest issue in your outdoor space.

Weed Control

Waiting to deal with invasive weeds is a recipe for disaster – they’ll quickly become harder to stop and take essential nutrients, water and sunlight away from your beloved plants. Plus, an overgrown landscape is a real eyesore and can invite rodents, raccoons and other critters to settle in your backyard. Don’t delay – take action against weeds now!

At our company, we employ licensed herbicide applicators to keep weeds from taking over, who will craft a schedule for when and how often to apply herbicide for the best results. Our aim is to apply herbicides right before the weeds have a chance to spread their seeds, which, if done regularly, can significantly reduce the issue.

A Legacy of Tree Care Excellence For Three Generations

For three generations, Associated Arborists has been providing superior tree care services to hundreds of clients, ranging from homeowners to businesses, utilities and cities. Highly regarded in the communities we serve, we are fully bonded, insured and ISA-certified and count integrity as one of our company’s core principles.

Please reach out to our friendly team for a free arborist consultation.