Stump Grinding Services From Associated Arborists

Making Ugly Stumps Disappear Since 1996

We’re available for stump grinding services, whether you’ve also hired us for tree work or just need a stump dealt with. Our teams are fully trained and equipped with the latest stump grinding tools to make that unsightly stump disappear from your property.

We bring three decades of experience, a team of ISA-certified arborists, and a long list of happy clients. Additionally, we’re fully bonded and insured for all circumstances.

Free Estimates For Stump Grinding Services

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Why Should Grind A Stump Down

At first, a stump may not seem like a problem. However, over time a stump leftover from tree removal can cause a variety of issues:

Stumps are usually an eyesore on your property, which can negatively impact its real estate value.

A leftover stump is a hassle to mow around and is a tripping hazard for you or your family.

Termites, harmful fungi, and other pests can make a home in a dead stump.

Vigorous sprouts can emerge, grow up to six feet per year, and require continual maintenance to prevent a new tree from establishing itself.

The area surrounding the stump cannot be planted or built on due to leftover roots.

Fortunately, stump grinding doesn’t harm nearby plants or structures, and neither does it disturb or compact the soil. After our crews finish grinding, there will only be wood chips remaining. These can either be hauled away in our truck or spread in your yard as mulch.

How Stump Grinding Works

A stump grinding machine resembles a bobcat or lawn-mower fitted with a circular saw. The machine is moved near the stump and the spinning saw eats away at the stump until it is fully ground down into wood chips. Most machines can grind the stump down four to six inches below the soil line.

Factors to Consider

There are circumstances where stump grinding may not be possible due to accessibility issues, depending on your terrain, landscaping structures or features, and the weather.

If the stump is located on a hill, it may be difficult for the stump grinder to reach or effectively cut. Alternatively, a patio, fence, ornamental garden, or outdoor buildings can also block the grinding machine from reaching the stump.

Heavy, soaking rains can also cause problems. If the soil is too moist, the stump grinder can get stuck. However, light rain isn’t an issue, and soil won’t be a factor in situations where the grinder can sit on a paved surface to cut the stump.

Keep in mind these different factors for your stump grinding job. In any case, we’re happy to speak further with you to assess the situation. Connect with our office to get your free estimate for our stump grinding services.