Tree Services in Sherwood

We bring three decades of experience, a team of ISA-certified arborists and a reputation for excellence to every tree service job in Sherwood and Washington County, Oregon.

Your trees, shrubs and landscape are assets for your home or business, requiring consistent maintenance and care. Since 1996, Associated Arborists have been meeting any and all tree care needs of homes, businesses, utilities and municipalities.

Whether you need precise pruning and trimming work done on your trees, emergency tree removal, an expert tree assessment from an ISA-certified arborist, a plan for the long term health of your property’s landscape, or just need an ugly stump grinded down, we’re here for you.

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Home Tree Service in Sherwood

Keeping your home’s landscape environment in good shape is an investment not only in your property value, but also your safety and enjoyment of the space. Our team of arborists will keep your views open, plants healthy and elegant, and address any potential tree or limb hazards before they can cause harm to people, structures or vehicles. With time and regular care, it will become easier to maintain your trees, shrubs and landscaping, as a healthy ecosystem supports itself all the way from the soil to the tree’s crown.

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Tree Trimming, Pruning and Shaping

We believe pruning or trimming a tree should be a precise, careful and well-thought out process. That’s why we take the time to assess the tree thoroughly and consult with you to understand your needs, before making any cuts. Based on this information, we’ll make a plan that also factors in the trees appearance, health and future growth.

Skillfully and knowledgeably removing branches and limbs is essential to tree health. Good pruning work will accentuate a tree’s beauty, allow more sunlight to reach plants in the understory, encourage air exchange and minimize the risk of falling limbs.

Tree Removal in Sherwood

Don’t risk your safety by trying to tackle tree removal by yourself – it is more unpredictable and dangerous than you may think. You’ll want an experienced, cohesive team of arborists with the equipment and machinery needed to safely and efficiently handle tree removal.

Our arborist crew is more than happy to handle your tree removal project of any size. We’ll take care not to damage your plants, furniture or structures, while taking a precise and methodical approach to do the job well. Better yet, we guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

“Associated Arborists did not disappoint in delivering excellent customer- and tree-removal services. On the day of the removal, the crew was thorough and professional. They expertly removed the tree & stump and cleared all the debris.”

Anthony Halbeisen

Emergency Tree Removal Services 24/7

Falling limbs and trees can cause all kinds of damage and disruption. Removing a tree as soon as possible is first and foremost a matter of safety, but also the first step in rebuilding and repairing any damage done. We’re on call 24/7 to help you out in an emergency, don’t hesitate to reach us at: 1-866-863-8733. Our crews are locally-based near Sherwood, and can rapidly respond to an emergency tree situation.

Commercial Arborist Services for your Business, Properties or Campus

You can count on us to maintain your business or campus landscape throughout the year. We offer complete tree care solutions for offices, corporate campuses and other business facilities. We will make sure your trees and landscape stay tidy, attractive, hazard-free and healthy.

ISA-Certified Arborists in Sherwood

Our teams serving Sherwood are comprised of ISA-certified arborists, trained in the latest practices of our trade. With this training and years of experience in the field, our arborists offer a comprehensive range of tree services to best meet your property’s needs. We can assess a tree for health or potential risks, formulate a complete tree care plan, and take all the action steps necessary. That could look like tree removal, cutting out a large limb, applying pesticides or fertilizer, grinding down a stump, thinning out brush, and more.

Furthermore, we’re available to develop a continuing maintenance and property improvement plan for our municipal and commercial customers. Utility clients can hire us for project management, or customer notification and verification of removal approval.


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Stump Grinding

A stump left to sit on your property is not just an eyesore, but also a hazard. Stumps pose a tripping hazard, and can become home to pests like termites or harmful fungi. Additionally, leftover stumps will negatively impact your property’s real estate value. Lastly, stumps often aren’t actually dead – they can send forth rapidly growing sprouts every spring. This means continual pruning to ensure that a new tree doesn’t get established.

For our stump grinding services in Sherwood, we utilize the latest equipment and technology to make stumps disappear. No matter if you hired our team for tree service or just want a stump grinded down, we’ll be happy to help. We take care not to impact your soil or damage any landscaping – the only clue we’ve been there is a pile of wood chips afterward.

Pest Management

An unhealthy landscape is more vulnerable to pests, whether those are bugs, pathogens or fungi. We focus on keeping your plants healthy and strong to fend off pests, but our certified pesticide applicators can also step in to eliminate pests where we’ve identified them.

Weed Control

Weed growth can easily get out of control, but if they are controlled consistently and before putting out seeds, they can largely be eliminated with time. We employ licensed, insured and certified weed control specialists to do weed or pest control, and apply fertilizer in the state of Oregon. Have no fear, we’ll be sure to consult with you before we resort to chemical applications, and only do so sparingly where no alternative option exists.

Plant Health Care

Plant vitality is a core focus of our work. It’s the best way to prevent pests, keep trees and shrubs healthy, reduce the risk of falling trees or limbs, and ensure your landscape environment stays gorgeous. We bring decades of experience and training to the project of nurturing, feeding, protecting and maintaining your landscape as best we can.

A Reputation for Tree Care Quality for Sherwood and Beyond

Associated Arborists has been in the business since 1996. We’re proud to say countless customers have entrusted us with caring for and maintaining their trees and landscaping, whether in the residential, commercial, municipal or utility setting. We hire ISA-certified arborists, are fully bonded and insured for any tree care situation, and guarantee your satisfaction as our customer.

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