Tree Services in Spokane

Our Spokane tree service specialists are devoted to keeping your trees, shrubs, and landscaping looking great, year-round.

For 25 years, Associated Arborists has been the go-to tree care provider for customers of all kinds – from residential homeowners to businesses, utilities, and municipalities. Our highly-esteemed ISA-certified arborists bring their wealth of expertise and talent to each project, producing excellent results and a rock solid reputation in the places we serve.

We are committed to turning your landscape aspirations into a reality by deploying our comprehensive arsenal of techniques and tools. Whether it’s expert pruning and trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, pest and weed control, holistic plant health care, arborist tree health and risk assessments or anything else, we have you covered.

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Residential Tree Services in Spokane

Transform your outdoor area into an inviting haven with the expert assistance of our reliable arborists. Let us help you to make your property safer by pruning hazardous branches, eliminating pests and increasing the splendor and robustness of your trees and garden – all of which will make your property more valuable.

Our team utilizes an extensive range of methods and tools to guarantee the health of your garden – from trees and shrubs to beautiful plants, grass and soil. With consistent care from our specialists, you can enjoy an eye-catching, thriving landscape that is robust against droughts, bugs, and inclement weather, as well as requiring minimal effort for continued maintenance.

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Tree Removal

Trust our highly experienced arborists for your tree removal job. You should know that removing a tree is far more dangerous than many people might think, so it’s best to leave the job to the professionals who are fully equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment.

For years, our talented team members has been refining their skills in the field, so that our crew is now a smooth-running machine when it comes to tree removal. Skillfully, safely and efficiently, we’ll remove trees of any size, making sure to steer clear of nearby structures and take care to avoid harming your landscaping plants.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

The aim of pruning is to foster the health and accentuate the beauty of the tree. By judiciously snipping away certain limbs, we can facilitate better air circulation and enable vigorous growth in the other branches. Additionally, with the right cuts, we can give the tree a shapely and attractive look.

Having closely inspected the tree, we’ll communicate our evaluation and draw up a pruning strategy customized to your desires and the conditions of your premises. Additionally, we’ll determine any possible risks of falling limbs or branches, and take into account the effect of increasing sunlight penetration for ornamental plants below.

“Quick and reasonably priced service. Super easy, professional, and quick – I highly suggest hiring them. If we have another tree removed, we will be sure to call them again.”

Nicole Bertsch

Stump Grinding

Don’t forget about the stump after cutting down a tree! Neglecting it could create a whole host of problems, such as being a tripping hazard, becoming a nest for termites or fungi, making mowing arduous and even reducing your property’s value by impacting its aesthetics. Additionally, the stump may actually still be alive and send out sprouts each year that are desperately attempting to turn back into a tree. You’ll be forced to have to continually trim back the unwanted branches.

No need to stress about tree and stump removal. Our cutting-edge equipment and tools make it easy for us to grind down stumps without causing any harm to the grass, soil or surrounding vegetation. You’ll be left with a pile of wood chips and one less thing to worry about!

Wildfire Prevention

Protect your home or business from wildfire with our experienced arborist services. We’ll develop a tailored wildfire prevention plan based on your property, plants, and terrain – so you can feel confident that your property is safe and sound.

We’ll tackle the overgrown brush, prune away the dangling tree branches, and get rid of weeds and woody debris from the grounds. This will help minimize your risk if a wildfire is nearby, and make it easier for firefighters to defend your home and structures.

ISA-Certified Arborists

Our ISA-certified arborists possess the skill and proficiency to provide tree services specifically tailored to your individual requirements. From complete tree removal to precision pruning, stump grinding, brush thinning, plant health care and more, we’ll bring the latest knowledge, tools and techniques to bear in order to get the job done.

Utility, commercial or municipal organizations can all take advantage of our tailored services – whether your need is managing projects, notifying customers, verification of removal approval or a property improvement plan.


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Emergency Tree Services

In need of urgent tree care? Don’t hesitate to call our expert team at 1-866-863-8733. Our emergency tree services in Spokane are available 24/7, no matter the weather. High winds, snow flurries, or heavy downpours? Don’t worry – we’ll still be there to help with any fallen trees or hazardous branches, so you’ll be safe and your property as tidy as it can be.

Commercial Arborist Services

At Associated Arborists, we take pride in keeping your corporate campus, office landscaping or facility grounds looking pristine all year round. Our skilled arborists ensure your trees and landscaping remain in optimum condition – making sure your customers and employees can enjoy a captivating sight every time they visit your commercial property.

Plant Health Care

Ensuring your plants’ health and vigor is our highest priority when you get our help for plant health care. Drawing on years of experience in plant science, our experts will nurture and protect your plants, allowing them to flourish.

Enhancing your outdoor setting with lush and vibrant trees and landscaping doesn’t just add to the beauty of your property; it also provides resilience to potential bugs, pathogens, and harsh weather conditions. To ensure that your landscape flourishes, our plant health care plan encompasses pruning, fertilization, pest and weed control, and trunk injections when needed.

Pest Management Services

It is wiser to nip in the bud any potential insect or plant disease issues that may jeopardize your garden or tree, then to hold off from acting and suffer the disastrous results when the problem grows out of hand. Basically, taking the necessary steps immediately is the key to protecting your landscaping from significant harm that can be caused by various pests.

Our experienced and accredited pesticide applicators will quickly and efficiently identify, treat and eliminate pests, preventing further damage to your landscape. Allow us to protect your trees, shrubs and ornamental plants, and keep the beauty of your outdoor area intact.

Weed Control

Waiting to deal with pesky, invasive weeds will only make them harder to get rid of. By gobbling up essential nutrients, sunlight, and water, these weeds can cause your beloved ornamental plants to suffer and even die. Additionally, an unmanaged landscape can quickly become a haven for all sorts of critters and pests.

Our certified weed control specialists will assess your weed problem and devise a tactical approach to determine when and how often spraying should be done. The ultimate aim will be to apply herbicides preemptively to impede weed propagation – with steady upkeep, this method will efficiently minimize weeds over successive growth phases.

Enjoy the Best-in-Class Tree Care Service from a Reliable Team

At Associated Arborists, we are passionate about delivering premier arboriculture services to Spokane and the surrounding Spokane County. Our team is fully insured, bonded and keeps up to date with the latest techniques and methods, ensuring that each job is carried out with integrity and the highest quality work.

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