Expert Plant Health Care Services by Associated Arborists

Wondering Why Your Tree or Shrub is Struggling? Our Plant Doctors Can Help.

From diagnosis to treatment, our certified arborists will help your trees thrive for years to come. Our Plant Health Care (PHC) specialists include ISA-Certified Arborists and licensed commercial pesticide applicators. They are trained experts in the different plant species, soil types, weather, pests, diseases, and pH or nutrient issues found in the Pacific and Inland Northwest regions. This local knowledge is critical to ensuring that your plants and landscape thrive.

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What is Plant Health Care?

Plant Health Care is a holistic approach to assessing, monitoring, maintaining, and treating trees and surrounding plants. The purpose of PHC is to preserve your landscape and the health of its trees, shrubs, and other plants. Regular observation and analysis are required to keep tabs on tree health and determine which treatments are needed.

Typically, biological or physical disorders are the result of trees and plants in poor health. Our plant health specialists utilize a multi-faceted approach, with our overall aim being to improve the health of your plants and trees. We find that this often means deep root feeding, soil amendments including pH adjustments, and pest treatment when necessary.

Benefits of PHC For Your Landscape

Regular monitoring of tree and plant health can catch any problems before they cause irreversible harm. Consider PHC an investment in the long-term stability and beauty of your landscape, and therefore your property value. Trees, shrubs, and garden plants are all connected, through roots, soil, and leaves that fall. If one area is suffering from poor health, this could spread to other plant species, causing broader harm.

Hiring Plant Healthcare specialists is a small investment in preventing significant problems in the future from a sick or dying tree near your home. Remember, a new tree will take decades to reach the same height as the previous one.

Plant Health Care Services

Our Plant Health Care services encourage optimal health for your trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants. They are available for the following plant health care services:

  • Plant Health Inspection
  • Fertilization
  • Soil Analysis
  • Soil Amendments
  • Pest Treatment
  • Preservation Pruning
  • Trunk Injections
  • Root Crown Excavation

To find out what our PHC arborists can do for your property, reach out to our office.