Tree Services in Forest Grove, Oregon

Our team of ISA-certified arborists bring decades of experience to every job in Forest Grove and Washington County, Oregon. Backed by leadership with decades of experience in the arborist business, we’re known for our high quality of work, friendly attitude and ability to meet any and all of your tree care needs through our comprehensive services. 

We provide essential tree services such as pruning and trimming, tree removal, emergency services, arborist health assessments, pest management, weed control, stump grinding and more. Our clients include residences, businesses, utilities and municipalities. With our help, we’ll keep your shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants looking attractive and in optimal health through the seasons.

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Home Tree Services in Forest Grove, Oregon

Maintaining your home’s landscape is a positive investment in your future. Managing your trees, shrubs and other vegetation with the help of our specialists will promote balance, health, beauty and minimize problems from pests or falling limbs. Your yard will be a more pleasant place to spend your downtime, and you’ll actually be increasing your property value by making it more aesthetically pleasing and hazard-free.

Our team brings a holistic perspective to tree and landscape services for your home. We’ll start with the big picture and consider the variety of factors such as soil nutrients, air flow, light penetration and shading or prevalence of pests and weeds. From there, we’ll create a complete plan for vegetation management and care, and provide our recommended actions to you. Our aim is to caretake your landscape so that it can reach its highest potential, while meeting your specific needs.

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Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Shaping

Our team specializes in skillful trimming and pruning procedures that shape your landscape to meet your vision and support overall plant health. We consult with you first before making any cuts, to ensure that we’re on the same page for what you want and have in mind. Once we start, we work meticulously and precisely, taking our time to do the best possible job.

We seek to strike the balance between doing what’s best for the health of the tree and removing potentially hazardous falling limbs, while also creating an attractive trunk, crown and branch shape for you to admire once we’re done.

Tree Removal in Forest Grove, Oregon

Removing a tree may seem like something you could do alone, but it can be a deceptively tricky and dangerous process. We advise you not to risk your safety, and let our seasoned specialists handle the task for you. With the right equipment, machinery and experience, tree removal is a well-practiced routine for our team. We’ll take down trees large or small, in a safe and efficient manner, and we’ll be careful not to damage your grass, ornamental plants, structures and furniture in the area. Rest assured, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our tree removal services.

“These guys showed up on time to trim trees. They were professional and courteous. They did the job the way I wanted it done and finished up quickly. They did the job to my complete satisfaction and I will use them again.”

Alla Borland

Commercial Arborist Services for your Business, Properties, or Campus

You can rely on us to add extra beauty to your commercial campus or property to make it welcoming and stay free of pests or hazards year-round. With our all-encompassing services, your vegetation management needs will be in good hands. We’ll provide regular care and maintenance to ensure your landscaping is vibrant, healthy and safe for all customers and staff. 

Stump Grinding in Forest Grove, Oregon

An old stump might not seem like something you can live with, but there are underappreciated hazards that come with leaving it on your property. A stump can attract insects and diseases to your yard and negatively impact its health. Not only that, it can be a hazard for anyone walking nearby, adds an unnecessary hassle to mowing and will often produce shoots of new growth that you’ll have to remove multiple times annually. For all of these reasons, an unsightly stump can reduce your property’s value.

We specialize in grinding away all varieties of stumps with our specialized machinery, operated by our experienced crew. During the process, we’ll be careful to minimize any impact on your grass and landscaping. Once the grinding process is complete, all that will be left is a pile of wood chips.

Total Plant Health Care

Taking actions to boost the vitality of your plants is always a good idea, since it acts to prevent more serious issues from manifesting. Healthy trees, shrubs and ornamentals will be more resistant to pests, and able to withstand heavy rains, wind or periods of drought. Applying our knowledge of plant science and years of applied experience, we will assess your property’s vegetation to formulate a complete plan and set of actions to meet your goals.


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Pest Management

Pesticide application should be a last resort, but there are times when it is the only option to restore balance in your landscape environment. An invasion of insects, plant pathogens or fungus requires intervening with chemical treatment to preserve your tree, shrub and ornamental species. Our pest management specialists will assess and identify the source of the problem, and then select the appropriate chemical and level of application necessary to eliminate the pests.

Weed Control

Fast-growing, opportunistic weeds can quickly get out of hand the longer you let them live and reseed. What seemed like a small problem of only a few weeds can proliferate into thick, unmanageable growth of unwanted vegetation. Even worse, these weeds often outcompete your ornamental species for nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium, as well as sunlight and water. Neglecting weed growth could end up destroying your property’s landscaping.

We recommend regular treatment to prevent weeds from getting out of control, typically by spraying before the weed species can put out any seeds. Over a few seasons, even the most severe cases of weed intrusion can be brought under control. Our herbicide applicators are trained and licensed in the state of Oregon. Furthermore, we’re considerate of only applying the necessary amount of chemicals to get the job done, and happy to share more information about the products we use.

Top-Notch Tree Care Since 1996

For over three generations, our team at Associated Arborists has established ourselves as a reliable company for excellent tree work. The evidence is in the hundreds of residential, commercial, utility and municipal customers that have turned to us for their tree care needs. We’re ISA-certified, fully-bonded, licensed and insured, and proud to serve the communities like Forest Grove that our crew and their families call home.

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