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Taking out an entire tree is a serious job, requiring an experienced, coordinated arborist team with the right equipment and machinery. Removing a tree by yourself may not seem challenging down on the ground, but falling a tree by yourself is very dangerous.

Associated Arborists’ seasoned crews are up to the task and will ensure that the whole removal process is done carefully and methodically. We adhere to all safety measures and ensure that none of your property is damaged during tree removal.

What Our Clients Say

“Associated Arborists did an exceptional job removing a maple tree from our backyard. They were very professional and skilled in their craft and got the job done in a timely manner. They cut and stacked logs as requested and clean-up was immaculate. I highly recommend this company if tree services are ever needed. Thank you!”

Donna Kimura from McMinnville, Oregon

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When Taking A Tree Down is Necessary

Tree removal is necessary when your tree is dead, dying, or otherwise poses a safety risk. In the Pacific Northwest, trees are susceptible to damage from storms, wildfire, disease, drought, or pests like bark beetles, depending on factors that change year to year. When the whole tree or large limbs fall, they threaten human life and property, mainly when power lines are nearby.

If you live in an area at risk of wildfire, thinning or eliminating vegetation near structures can protect against fire and help to establish defensible space around your home. Thinning timber stands on your land can also improve airflow, reduce disease and decrease competition for water or nutrients, resulting in healthier trees.

Besides safety, removal is necessary where vegetation is encroaching on a building or sidewalk and is anticipated to cause future problems. Additionally, selective removal of a tree can provide aesthetic benefits and improve the views of your home or apartment complex.

Our 7 Step Process for Safe Tree Removal

Here’s how we carry out tree removal, step by step:

Our lead arborist will inspect the tree’s trunk, roots, and limbs to determine how strong or weak it is, which will guide our approach to removing the tree.

Based on this assessment, the arborist determines the best cuts, whether our team will need rigging to safely lower branches and trunk sections, and if we will need a bucket truck or crane to reach the canopy.

Our team then prepares the site, moving any objects that falling limbs could damage, such as outdoor furniture and potted plants.

Next, the arborist climbs, or our truck lifts them up into the tree canopy. Once the arborist attaches their harness to the tree trunk, they will begin to make cuts. For safety, they also secure the chainsaw to a rope.

The arborist will first cut the branches and limbs, leaving a few intact for stability. If we need to protect property, plants, or lawn grass below, the arborist will tie sections of timber and slowly lower them by rope to our crew on the ground.

Upon reaching the tree’s crown, the arborist will begin cutting out top sections of the trunk, letting each fall as the arborist works their way down.

As the arborist descends, they will cut any remaining branches. Last of all, the arborist will cut out the final section of the trunk. Finally, our team can grind the stump down and remove it as well.

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