Elite Pest Management Tree Services in OR, WA, ID & MT

Pest management is a critical concern for our ISA Certified Arborists. In many areas we are dealing with various pests that are causing considerable damage to our urban forest. The first line in defense against pests is tree health. It is critical that we maintain tree health by addressing annual tree fertilization needs. As needed we are capable of applying various pest management products to address various insect, fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Treat or Prevent Pest Tree Damage

Hiring pest management tree services from an arborist is an investment in your property. Pests can cause significant problems on your property by weakening or killing trees and shrubs. Besides negatively impacting your property value, pest problems also create safety hazards and liability issues.

The best approach to managing pests is to take preventative measures, such as continually monitoring your vegetation and supporting optimal plant health. A healthy tree or shrub will have a greater chance of fighting off pests, and regular monitoring will catch any problem before it gets out of hand.

We emphasize taking preventative steps to protect the plants on your property, offering professional arborist inspections and plant healthcare programs. However, if pests become a problem, we can do several forms of treatments and injections to kill insects or disease pathogens to give your tree a fighting chance.

Free Estimates For Pest Management Tree Services

We promise to respond promptly to inquiries for pest management tree services. Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing and guarantee your satisfaction with our work. contact our office for your free estimate for tree and shrub pest management.

When To Hire Pest Management Tree Services

You should consult an arborist for pest management tree services if you notice vegetation with these issues:

  • Thinning of leaves, needles, and canopy
  • Yellowish, wilting, spotted, discolored, or dying leaves
  • Strangely-sized leaves
  • Holes cut into leaves
  • Sawdust around the tree
  • Loose bark
  • Roots lifting up
  • Inhibited growth of tree limbs
  • Tunnels or exit holes in the inner bark
  • White fungal growth or sores on the tree
  • Frail, broken, or dead branches

Once we assess the problem, our ISA-Certified arborists will create a plan to treat or manage the pests and protect the health of your plants. If the disease or infestation has progressed too far, we may need to remove the entire tree for safety reasons and to limit the pests from spreading.

How We Treat Tree and Shrub Pests

The best defense against pests is to support optimal plant health. That means regular nutrient fertilization, pH adjustments, pruning dead or unhealthy limbs, getting regular arborist inspections, and treating any newly damaged areas on the tree as soon as possible. Periodic tree inspection will also serve to catch any pest problems early.

Additionally, before any pests appear, we can apply specific surface treatments to ward off certain pests prevalent in your region. If preventative measures fail, we will treat the pests by making injections into the trunk or soil, and spraying the bark or canopy of the tree. These treatments will reduce pest populations and allow your tree time to recover.

Reach out to our office for your free estimate.