Tree Services in Amity

No matter the time of year, our team of highly skilled arborists can ensure your Amity property remains pristine and beautiful throughout the year.

From tree removal to stump grinding and plant health diagnosis, our all-encompassing tree services cover it all. We are also on call to handle tree emergencies, and to provide risk and health assessments. Plus, we offer tailored long-term care plans to homeowners, businesses, utilities, and municipalities – helping to keep their landscaping healthy, attractive, and hazard-free.

At Associated Arborists, we are proud of our distinguished track record of providing exceptional tree care services in Oregon and beyond. Our leadership team has a wealth of arboriculture experience, and our teams are fully trained, equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery, and ready to tackle any tree-related task. On top of that, we are friendly, responsive, and always attentive to our client’s needs and requests.

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ISA-Certified Arborists

Our Amity team of ISA-certified arborists are experts in the field of tree care, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best service tailored to your individual needs. From tree health assessments, pruning and trimming, pest control, stump grinding and brush thinning, to plant health care – we have all your arborist needs covered!

For business, utility or municipal organizations, we provide tailored services – whether your need is managing projects, notifying customers, verification of removal approval or a property improvement plan.

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Residential Tree Services

Invest in your outdoor landscaping and enjoy lasting rewards! With our regular maintenance and arborist services, your trees and shrubs will remain vibrant for years to come. Transform your home’s outdoor environment into a safe, pest-free, tranquil environment to savor during your downtime, and you’ll also be increasing in your property value. In short, we make your outdoor space an inviting sanctuary for you to relax and enjoy for years to come.

Our team never treats any two properties alike; that’s why we develop a tailored maintenance plan based on our evaluation and your objectives. Once that plan is in place, we get to work making your landscaping dreams come true – which might mean cutting down a tree, shaping shrubbery, administering pesticides or fertilizers as needed, grinding a stump, or clearing out brush.

Tree Removal

For the task of removing trees, it is best to let the professionals handle it. Taking on such a task by yourself carries a large risk of severe personal injury or even destruction to your property. To ensure the job is completed with maximum safety and efficiency, call upon our team of knowledgeable and well-equipped arborists.

Our skilled arborists possess the expertise and aptitude to proficiently and cautiously eliminate dead, ailing, or undesirable trees without damaging your landscape or structures. Our professional teams use state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to remove trees of all sizes, collaborating in a cohesive manner to guarantee a job done to perfection. To top it all off, we guarantee your satisfaction with our work!

“They arrived early, were very courteous, took great care on our property, did an excellent job, left the job site clean, and were reasonably priced. We were very satisfied. We would recommend Associated Arborists to our closest friends!”

William Daley

Emergency Tree Services in Amity

Never put yourself in danger attempting to remove a fallen tree or branch in a storm – our crew is available around the clock to assist you. Give us a call at 1-866-863-8733 and we’ll quickly send a team to start cutting and disposing of the tree, limbs, and any other vegetation. Let us help you take the first step towards restoring your home to its former glory.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

If you’re in need of shaping your trees for a more aesthetic look while ensuring their health, we’d be glad to help. With our pruning and trimming services, we’ll make sure that we understand your vision before beginning, so you can feel confident that the end result will meet your expectations. We take great care in our work, taking our time to ensure that each cut is done precisely and according to our plan.

Our goal when pruning is to bring out the trees’ natural beauty, eliminate hazardous branches, and bolster the health of neighboring plants through improved ventilation and greater sunlight penetration. By the time we’re finished, you’ll be struck by the trees’ graceful shape and open views, amplifying the grandeur of your property without significantly altering its essence.

Stump Grinding

Neglecting a stump can lead to a host of complications – from the proliferation of pests like termites to creating an obstacle that can make lawn maintenance an arduous task. Furthermore, it can decrease your property’s worth and may even generate sprouts that grow back annually, necessitating frequent trimming if you don’t want a new tree growing in its place.

Let our expert stump grinding crew handle your tree stump with ease! We have the latest tools and technology to ensure the stump is efficiently and effectively ground down into wood chips, without causing any damage to your soil or plants. All that will be left behind is a neat pile of wood chips!


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Commercial Arborist Services

Let us provide you with top-notch arborist services that will keep your office, corporate campus, or production facility’s trees and landscaping looking lush and problem-free all year long. The outcome? A breathtaking landscape that will not only impress your customers and employees, but make them feel right at home on your commercial property.

Give your business a professional edge with our comprehensive tree care services. We’ll make sure that trees and landscapes in commercial properties remain neat, attractive and healthy throughout the year!

Plant Health Care

We know that the wellbeing of your beloved ornamental plants is of utmost importance in your landscape. That’s why we treat them with the same level of attention and care that we would with our own plants, leveraging our expertise and knowledge to keep them healthy and flourishing.

Well-maintained trees that receive the proper care are more aesthetically pleasing and better able to withstand inclement weather, pests, and diseases. By adopting a comprehensive approach to plant health management that includes accurate pruning, fertilizing, and pest or weed management, you can revitalize your whole landscape. Not only will this make your outdoor space more enjoyable to be in, but it will also require less effort to maintain.

Pest Management

If you have an unwanted invasion of pests, it is essential to act fast and decisively to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your vulnerable landscape environment. Prevention is always the best medicine, but when it is too late, our trained and licensed pesticide applicators will get to the root of the issue, determine the necessary level of treatment, and make sure those pests are gone for good!

Weed Control

To help your chosen plants grow to their fullest potential, weed control is a must. Otherwise, your chosen plants will be stressed by aggressive competition for water, nutrients and sunlight from invasive weeds.

Our team of licensed herbicide applicators specialize in controlling and minimizing weed growth. With our expert guidance, you can create a tailored plan that initially knocks back weeds and restores your landscaping, followed by targeted spraying to cut off weed production. Over time, your weed population will be eliminated or minimized to a point where it’s far easier to control and manage.

Finally, before any herbicides are applied, we’ll contact you to explain our plans and gladly answer any questions you may have about our products or processes.

Experience the Best Tree Care Services in Amity from Our Top-Rated Experts!

For three generations, Associated Arborists has been delivering exceptional tree care services to hundreds of loyal clients who trust us with all their tree work needs – and we couldn’t be prouder.

Our company has built a sterling reputation in northwest Oregon, where we proudly serve our friends and neighbors in the areas where we live. Not only are we fully bonded and insured, but we also employ ISA-certified arborists. Whatever your tree care needs are, rest assured that we are always here to help.

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