Tree Services in Coeur D’alene

Enlist our team of ISA-certified arborists in Coeur D’alene for top notch, comprehensive tree services that will keep your property looking great all year round.

We have decades of experience delivering quality tree care to our residential, commercial, municipal and utility clients. Our team includes ISA-certified arborists, who bring a wide array of skills and the latest tools and equipment to every job, allowing us to handle all aspects of tree work that you require. We do pruning and trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, pest and weed control, holistic plant health care, arborist tree health and risk assessments and more.

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Residential Tree Services in Coeur D’alene

Your home landscape should be an inviting sanctuary where you can unwind and appreciate the moment. To achieve that end, you’ll need help getting your outdoor environment in the best possible shape. We’ll work with you to understand your vision and desires for your property’s landscape, formulate a plan accordingly and then get to work.

We will remove unnecessary vegetation and any dead or hazardous branches, while treating any pest or weed issues present in the landscape. With skillful pruning, our crew will remove branches or limbs to accentuate the beauty of your trees and other ornamental plants, while taking various other steps to enhance the overall vitality of your property’s mini-ecosystem. A nice side benefit of all this is that you’ll actually be increasing the value of your property in the process.

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Tree Removal Services

Hire our seasoned veterans and you can be sure your tree removal job will be handled safely, efficiently and with no drama or surprises. Our team does tree removal work all the time, operating methodically with the cohesion you only get from years of working together. We take care not to allow harm to your ornamental plants or nearby structures, and are diligent in cleaning up the mess we’ve made.

Allow us to care for your trees consistently and you’ll be delighted as the ecological benefits accrue for your outdoor space. A beautiful landscape will come alive, flourishing from the roots to the highest leaves of your trees.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Our approach to pruning and trimming is guided by two main goals: to beautify your trees and the surrounding landscape plants, while also boosting their health and vibrancy. Making careful cuts guided by our training and knowledge of plant science, we will increase air flow, promote fewer but healthier limbs and encourage their growth in directions that reduce the risk of falling limbs.

Once a substantial cut is made to a large limb, there’s no reversing it. That’s why we carefully evaluate the situation, get your input, and create a tree trimming plan before any pruning or trimming takes place. This plan includes evaluating which branches or limbs might be hazardous in strong winds, as well as examining the impact the trimming will have on your view and any plants growing beneath the tree.

“Outstanding! On time for the job. Very professional people, the entire tree was gone in 1.5 hours, tree stump, root and all. Street and sidewalk cleaned. Hardly a trace of the tree was ever there. Also the best price for the job we found while looking around.”

Bruce Billett

Stump Grinding

You may come to regret leaving a stump on your property after removing a tree. Deadwood is an attractive habitat for termites, noxious fungi and other pests to make a home in, after which they can spread elsewhere on your property. Furthermore, a stump is a potential hazard for anyone walking nearby (or running, in the case of children).

Mowing around it is a hassle, and the unkempt weeds or wild grass on its border will make an existing eyesore even worse, which does impact your property value. Finally, a stump may still be alive, and send out new growth each spring as it attempts to become a tree once more, requiring continual upkeep on your part.

The simple answer is to enlist our team to grind it away in mere hours. We’ll minimize harm to your soil, grass or landscaping while moving our machine, and be sure to tidy everything up before we leave.

Wildfire Prevention

Secure your home or business from wildfire with the aid of our arborists. We will craft a custom wildfire prevention plan that takes into account your property’s structures, vegetation, and topography – so you can rest easy knowing your property is as safe and secure as it can be.

We’ll thin or remove overgrown brush, cut away dangling branches and take out unwanted woody debris from the grounds. Doing so will lower your risk in the event that a wildfire is nearby, providing the defensible space and reduced fuel loads that helps firefighters do what their best at.

ISA-Certified Arborists

Our ISA-certified arborists have the experience and training to give you a range of tailored tree services, including complete tree removal to precision pruning, stump grinding, brush thinning, and plant health care. No job is too complex for us, and we’ll bring the latest tools and techniques to the table to ensure success.

Organizations of any kind, from utilities to commercial to municipal, can take advantage of our customized services – from managing projects, notifying customers, verification of removal approval or a property improvement plan.


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Emergency Tree Services

Do you need emergency tree care? Don’t delay – contact our experienced team at 1-866-863-8733. Our tree services in Coeur D’alene are available round the clock – no matter the weather. High winds, snowfall, or torrential rain? Don’t stress – we’ll still come to help with any fallen trees or hazardous branches, so your property can remain safe and tidy.

Commercial Arborist Services

We take pride in creating and maintaining the ideal outdoor ambiance on your corporate campus, office landscaping, or facility grounds. Our experienced arborists ensure that the trees and plants surrounding your commercial property are kept in optimal health, so that your customers and employees can always enjoy a captivating view.

Plant Health Care

Our highest priority is to ensure the wellbeing and vitality of your plants. Our experts, with years of experience in plant science, will nurture and guard your plants so that they can bloom and thrive.

Enhancing your outdoor space with lush and vibrant trees and landscaping not only adds to the beauty of your property, but it also provides protection against potential bugs, pathogens, and inclement weather. To ensure that your landscape remains healthy and vibrant, our plant health care services include pruning, fertilization, pest and weed control, and trunk injections when necessary.

Pest Management Services

It is more prudent to act promptly and preventatively to safeguard your garden or tree from any potential insect or plant disease, instead of waiting and allowing the problem to escalate to the point of causing widespread damage. Thus, sometimes taking swift, decisive action is the key to maintaining the health of your landscape and keeping destructive pests at bay.

Allow our experienced and accredited pesticide applicators to quickly and efficiently identify, treat, and eliminate pesky pests, safeguarding your landscape from further destruction. Preserve the beauty of your trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants, and keep the magnificence of your outdoor area unscathed with our help.

Weed Control

Putting off tackling invasive weeds will just make it harder to get rid of them. These weeds devour essential nutrients, sunlight, and water, leading to the suffering and even death of your beloved ornamental plants. Furthermore, a neglected garden can rapidly become a hideout for various critters and pests.

Our professional weed control team will assess your weed infestation and create a tailored strategy for when and how often spraying needs to be done. The ultimate goal is to apply herbicides ahead of time to stop the spread of weeds via seed – with consistent maintenance, this method will drastically reduce the number of weeds over time.

Experience Premium Tree Care from a Reliable Team

At Associated Arborists, we are committed to providing Coeur D’alene and Kootenai County with top-notch arboriculture services. Our highly skilled and insured team stays up-to-date on the latest techniques and methods, ensuring every job is completed with utmost integrity and superior craftsmanship.

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