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Associated Arborists is a licensed, insured, and certified chemical applicator for weed control, pest management, and plant fertilization purposes. We serve homes, businesses, utility companies, municipalities, and government agencies. We’re available for stand-alone weed control or a combination of this service with others as part of an overall vegetation management plan for your property.

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The Value of Weed Control

Weed control is essential for the long-term maintenance of your landscape’s aesthetics and functionality. Left unchecked, weeds will spread rapidly, depriving your landscape plants of nutrients and water. The longer weeds are allowed to grow, the harder it becomes to control them.

Rampant weed growth will tarnish your property’s appearance. Furthermore, wherever unwanted plants grow will render certain parts of your landscape inaccessible. Critters and pests will also create a new home in thickly weeded areas, and certain weeds such as foxglove or nightshade pose a risk to people or pets. Finally, excessive weeds increase wildfire risk during the dry season by providing dry fuel on the ground where sparks can ignite.

Why Regular Maintenance is Necessary

Opportunistic weeds and invasive species are constantly working to establish themselves amongst landscape plants and lawns. This means that you’ll need landscape continual maintenance to keep weeds in check. However, over time consistent weed control will make unwanted plants easier to manage and remove. When paired with good plant healthcare, weed control methods will eliminate the plants you don’t want, while plant healthcare will strengthen your chosen plants so that they crowd out fledgling weeds.

About Our Weed Control Services

Our weed control methods include abatement, which prevents weed growth, and removal, where we kill and remove existing weeds. Depending on the time of year and your specific needs, we will utilize either pre-emergent herbicides for abatement or post-emergent herbicides for weed removal. In any case, we only spray the highest quality weed control products available to balance effectiveness and minimize environmental impact.

Weed Abatement and Removal Techniques

Our weed control specialists do spraying throughout the landscape wherever needed or along fence and property lines. We also do more intensive Spring and Summer sprays when weed growth is at its maximum or periodic spraying throughout the year. Besides spraying, our other weed control services include weed whacking, creating fire breaks, and brush removal.

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