Tree Services in Newberg, Oregon

Our team of ISA-certified arborists will keep your trees and landscaping in excellent shape throughout the year, with comprehensive tree services in Newberg for homes, businesses, municipalities and utilities.

Associated Arborists has been in the business of tree care for three generations, serving hundreds of customers during that time. We have a reputation for doing excellent work, having friendly and approachable crews, and listening to the needs or priorities of our clients.

We’re available for a variety of tree services, whether you need trimming and pruning, tree removal, emergency services during a storm, stump grinding, pest or weed control, an arborists tree health or risk assessment or a long-term plan for managing your trees, shrubs and landscaping.

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Residential Tree Services in Newberg

Arborist services are a positive investment in your property, which actually increases its financial value. Not only that, your landscaping will be more beautiful, free of hazards and pests, and simply more enjoyable to spend time in.

Our crew will do the precise pruning to enhance and preserve your views, support tree health and remove any problematic limbs or branches before they can become a hazard. We’ll also work to enhance your landscape’s overall vitality through plant health care and treat any pest or weed issues that we identify. The benefits of consistent tree and landscape care will compound over time, resulting in healthy soil and plants that have fewer pest issues or hazards, require less effort to maintain and are more resilient to high winds, drought or deluge.

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ISA-Certified Arborists in Newberg

Our crew in Newberg is led by ISA-certified arborists, who have been trained and educated in the latest tree care methods. We utilize this knowledge to provide all-inclusive arborist services depending on your needs and circumstances. We’ll do a tree health or risk assessment, develop a comprehensive tree care plan and carry out each of the steps in that plan. That could mean removing an entire tree, precision pruning and trimming, pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer application, stump grinding, brush thinning or plant health care.

We’re also available for specialty services for utility, municipal and commercial clients. For utilities, we can do project management and conduct customer notification and verification of removal approval. For municipalities and businesses, we can formulate a long-term, continuing maintenance and property improvement plan.

Tree Removal

When you need to remove a tree, don’t go it alone. It is far more risky and dangerous than you might think beforehand. Tree removal should only be done by trained arborists working together in coordination and using the appropriate tools and machinery.

We’re seasoned veterans when it comes to the gradual process of taking down an unwanted tree, whether small or large. Let our professionals handle the job and trust that your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed.

“Amazing service! Crew were very professional. Very reasonable price. Well worth using this company.
Thanks guys! You really did a great job. And thanks for leaving us a couple rounds for sentiment value 🙂 “

Rachel Smith

Emergency Tree Services

If you need emergency tree services, call us at 1-866-863-8733. We have a local crew ready and available 24/7 to help you out in Newberg.

Rain or snow, we’ll be there to take the first steps to removing any hazards and helping you rebuild, by cutting down and removing a fallen tree or large limbs.

Trimming and Pruning

Before any pruning or trimming is done, we take the time to evaluate the tree, receive your input, and create a tree trimming plan that takes into account your view, the effect on plants below the tree, and any hazards that may be associated with a limb or branch.

Pruning a tree is both an art and a science. We use our knowledge of tree health and growth patterns, along with our eye for aesthetics when determining how to trim and prune a tree. Done with skill, pruning can improve the tree’s health, support other plants around it, remove potential hazards, and make your landscape environment more enjoyable to be in.

Stump Grinding

Following tree removal, there’s still the stump to deal with. There are a few reasons why you don’t want to leave a stump on your property.

First, a stump is a tripping hazard and makes mowing a hassle. Second, it can house termites and other pests, which can then spread elsewhere on your property. Third, a stump is unattractive, lowering your property value. Finally, stumps often try to become trees again, sending out long runners each spring. You’ll have to keep cutting it back to prevent a new tree from getting established.

Let us grind that stump away and remove all of the above problems from manifesting. All that is left will be wood chips to use as mulch.


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Commercial Arborist Services

We serve businesses of all kinds, keeping the trees and landscaping around offices, campuses and facilities looking vibrant, well-groomed and problem-free throughout the year. The end result of our comprehensive arborists services will be what a gorgeous landscape says about your business, and how it enhances the experience of customers and employees on your commercial property.

Plant Health Care

Healthy trees are more attractive, less likely to have pest problems or fall during a storm, and are more resilient to drought or heavy rains. We aim to enhance the vitality of the entire landscape, from the soil on up. Plant health care is a complete perspective, and includes precise pruning, fertilization and pest or weed management. But you’ll simply experience it as your outdoor environment being a more enjoyable place to spend time, with fewer problems and less work needed to maintain.

Pest Management Services

Although plant health care is wise to prevent harm in the first place, once a pest issue arises it is crucial to control and reduce it before they grow out of hand. We’ve seen what unchecked insects or plant diseases can do to a once-beautiful garden or tree – it’s better to take action early rather than wait and see.

We have licensed pesticide applicators on staff, trained to identify and effectively treat a pest problem in your landscape.

Weed Control

The longer you wait to deal with invasive weeds, the harder they become to stop. Weeds will rob your preferred plants of their essential nutrients, along with water and sunlight. An overgrown landscape is also simply unattractive, and can encourage rodents, raccoons and other animals to make a home in your backyard.

We employ licensed herbicide applicators to control and limit weed growth, and will provide guidance on when and how often weed control will be necessary. Ideally, we aim to apply herbicides just before the weeds go to seed, which done consistently will greatly reduce the problem.

Three Generations of Tree Service Excellence

Associated Arborists has been in the tree care business for three generations, and are proud to have hundreds of clients turn to us to handle their tree work. Whether homeowners, businesses, utilities and cities, we are well-known and well-regarded in Oregon. We’re fully bonded, insured, ISA-certified and happy to serve the communities we call home.

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