Tree Risk Assesments And Property Damage

by rtadmin | Jun 12, 2023 | Blog


Avoid Property Damage This Winter with our Tree Risk Assessments

How do tree risk assessments work?
Tree risk assessment are a systematic process used to identify,
analyze and evaluate a tree’s risk of falling.

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What happens if my neighbors tree damages my property?

If your neighbors tree damages your property, your insurance will cover the damages and debris disposal costs. It is considered an act of god.

However, if there is a tree that concerns you or you think poses a high risk of damaging your property if it falls then you should call us for a tree risk assessment. If the arborist finds the risk to be moderate-high, the report can be delivered to the tree owner. Once there is evidence that the property owner is aware of the risk or hazard, the liability can be transferred and the tree owner will be negligent.

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Is the tree…

Leaning– caused by cracks or decay on the trunk

Co-dominant leaders– two or more main branches similar in size that emerge from the same location on the main trunk

Disproportionate branch attachments– abnormalities were the branch meets at the trunk

Exposed sapwood– when new wood that should be protected by the bark is visible

Fruiting bodies on the tree or near the roots such as mushrooms or fungus

Overall decline in the trees vitality which is shown by a sparse canopy or abnormal color

Oozing or discolored sap produced from cankers or decaying sapwood


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